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Hilco has it all...from our fashionable chain/jewelry designs to our rugged, patented Dualies™ Two Holders in One.

Offer your customers some of the hottest fashion trends now! Czechoslovakian glass beads are very popular this season in woman's jewelry and they're now available from Hilco as eyewear holders...or for the active lifestyle a broad range of sport eyewear retainers to select from.

Dualies™ Two Holders in One
Hilco's Dualies eyewear retainers are the first of their kind. Dualies have the flexibility to be worn in two different ways - simply by attaching or removing the end pieces. Wear Dualies as a rugged sport band by attaching the tube end piece to the end of the temple...or wear Dualies as a standard conventional holder by attaching the "slip-knot" to the temple.

Additional Information
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Standard Holder
With the growing number of presbyopes eyewear holders are becoming an essential item! Hilco offers a wide selection for men, women and children.

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Sport Holder
Active life style? We have the solution with Hilco's sport holders. Choose from a variety of men's, women's and kid's styles including a selection of different end attachments as well.

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Fashion Holder
These collections were created with the fashion conscious in mind. A beautiful assortment of chains and beads to select from including the hot new fashion item...Czechoslovakian glass beads. Many styles can be worn not only as an eyewear retainer but also as a necklace.

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Danglers™ are the attractive alternative to eyewear retainers. Dual purpose design functions as an eyeglass holder and pin. Available in exciting designs and colors...including an American flag pin.

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Kids Holder
Today's sophisticated kids demand choices too! Most kids lead very active lives and Hilco has the products to satisfy their challenges...from our new Kids Dualies™ in the hottest of colors to standard sports bands and holders.

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